Focused on luxury product design

Over the past years, our dynamic team has developed an invaluable reputation for creating elegant, sophisticated and timeless interiors for private clients across the globe.

Decorating every corner is one of Our Priorities

Imagine an extraordinary space, an elegant living room, a majestic hallway, a cozy bedroom; for all the spaces you can imagine, we have a work of art or we can create one.

Our Design Process

Our craft is a combination of beautiful materials such as paper, wich dominate our works, precise cutting skills and careful attention to detail helped us build a great reputationfor creating elegant product. All layers are carefully laid and finished by hand, guaranteeing the quality of each product. Another strong quality is that this material can be used to create different textures. The ease with which the material can be handled and its appearance of an uniform plate make it easy to use on any furniture or hung on the wall.

Have a client driven vision

At the heart of our work is a profound commitment to the individual. We dedicate time and resource to understand our clients’ lifestyles, aspirations and study a project’s context in meticulous detail. Luxury design is most importantly about exceeding clients’ expectations, understanding and finding solutions to fit their needs and lifestyle. To achieve this an
impeccable level of service is a must.
Exceeding expectations
Our brand embodies meticulous attention
of details and aims to create perfection
the highest quality product.
Push boundaries
Creativity and innovation not only ensure our
brand continued success, but they are
the foundation for design as a whole.
Deliver excellence
From design to products, service to management, delivering excellence is in our DNA and is our differentiator.
"The gold sparkles in the light, the pink warms the space, love this one."
Ramsey, USA
"This is my second purchase from PlumetteStudio.
I absolutely love Adam's work. It is very unique!"
Jennifer, USA
"Very nice art and just as described - great detail! It arrived quickly and was packaged very well."
Alex, USA
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